The origin of 3 common symbols

It's not as obvious as you might think...

They are road signs for your daily rituals – the instantly recognized symbols and icons you press, click and ogle countless times a day when you interact with your computer. But how much do you know about their origins?

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Get started with type design

Stop using other people's typefaces and create your own.

As a designer, once you develop a passion for typography, the logical next step is to want create your own lettering, and new technological developments are making this easier than ever. In this article I'll explain how to get started and suggest some expert resources that can help you along the way...

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Art Direction and Design

Eram litteris exquisitaque o aliquip do doctrina.

Glorifying the supposed arrival of art direction on the web is one of the latest trends in interactive design. There are several galleries devoted to it. There’s even a plug-in for it. Sadly, many designers don’t understand the difference between design and art direction; sadder still, many art directors don’t either: Art direction gives substance to design. Art direction adds humanity to design.

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Design trends of 2013: the stripped-down logo

Google, Yahoo and other big brands introduced back-to-basics logos this year. But has this been a healthy trend?

When Weight Watchers abandoned its triple-swoosh logo mark and introduced an even simpler greyscale, gradient-based logotype in December 2012, it joined a growing crowd of global brands rolling out a new, ultra-simple logo design, based around type and simple shapes - from Sodastream to USA Today. And in 2013 the trend seemed to spread almost everywhere, most notably Yahoo and Google.

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