Hey there!

I'm Ruben Del Rio, a web developer, photographer, and general creative. I have an eye for polished design and a heart for nuanced software. While not working, I'm cultivating passions for photography, data visualization, sim building games, and discovering music.

itty bitty bio

My fascination with computers began the moment I learned you could right-click on the Windows XP desktop. Before you knew it, I was changing wallpapers, downloading free fonts, creating cursors, and editing assets in .dll files. Sometime after years of playing SNES emulators and making art on the Paint.NET forums I internalized a passion for digital media that motivates me to this day. But yeah anyway


I was born and raised in that city and I still have nothing but love for it. if you're not from there please do yourself a favor and hit up some restaurants on Mills/50.


My academic history was pretty modest. After graduating from University High School in 2011, I went to Valencia College and graduated with degrees in Print Design and Interactive Design. Shoutouts to Kristy Pennino and Jason Ellison for making the Graphics department an incredible experience!


Right after graduating in spring 2015, I took my design education and...flipped it into a web developer position 🥸 Yada yada, a global pandemic happened, I bid the Orlando creative agency scene adieu, and now I'm full-time freelance developer!

Orlando, FLDurham, NCWashington ,D.C. 1992–2023–∞