Jake's Mailman

Once upon a time, there was a diglet named Jake.
He didn’t like people, so he lived alone in his little old cave.

Every now and then, he heard the sounds of other diglets outside his cave partying. He’d join them, but who would want to talk to a little old diglet like Jake, anyway?

But one day, something strange happened. A little old piece of paper flew into his cave. It went over Jake’s talagmite garden, around his mineral collection, and landed next to the little old diglet.

He took one look at the letter, and despite his inability to read, he knew this is a monumental day in the life of this little old diglet.
Today is the day that Jake leaves his cave!

He gathered all the belongings he could carry
(which wasn't much) and headed for the cave's entrance.
Jake hasn't been this excited in years!

It...didn't go as planned.